Storm Water Pollution leads to Dirty Water

All Natural Doesn't Mean All Good

Contaminants carried by storm drain water are the number one source of water pollution. However, you and your Central Coast neighbors can significantly reduce storm water pollution by changing how you care for your yards, trash, and cars.

Anything that flows into storm drains is directly deposited into our creeks, streams, lakes and/or ocean. This includes sediment, pathogens, oil and grease, litter and trash, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, metals, and other pollutants.

So please pick up after your pets; try not to overwater plants, gardens, or lawns; pick up your yard waste; fix the drips under your car; take your car to a car wash, which collects the dirty water and recycles it, instead of washing it down the drain; and the next time you consider washing something down the storm drain, use your trash or green waste container instead.

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